Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedge Washers

The application of self-tapping wood screws in wood-to-wood connection systems and as reinforcement has been done many times in the past decade. The use of self tapping wood screws in steel-to-wood connection systems however has been limited because proper bearing of the screw head, especially for screw angles other 90 degrees has been a concern. CNC machinery was often needed to provide countersunk pre-drilled holes in steel plates for 45° or 30° angles. Our 45° and 30° wedge washer was specially designed to provide a more cost efficient solution for this problem.

No more need to pre-drill steel plates at 45° and 30°
Simply pre-drill at 90°
Only basic machinery required

The test facility for steel, wood and brick at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) was assigned to investigate the applicability of the angle washer for steel-to-wood connections. The angle washer shall transmit forces between an inclined screw (screw-in angle 45°) and the connected steel plate.

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