Friday, February 15, 2013

Reinforcement of Arched Glulam Beams

Gary Pavlicek  of EDR Limited used his thoughtful imagination and was able to compress separated arched laminated beams. Using a 30 Ton Jacks for an accumulative force of 360 TON, short cuts of steel beams, and a rods he was able to pull the laminate together and then with ASSY Plus VG 8 x 580 and 480's he was able to structurally bind the laminate together and restore.

 Joe Miller with Fire Tower Engineered Timber assisted with the engineering stating "To be honest, this didn't take that much effort, to make work. The engineering (and failure mechanism) was pretty obvious. Rather than use the original repair by the original engineer (which was structurally sufficient, and, would have worked), which would have required drilling a lot of holes, and, doing a lot of epoxy work and the rest, by using screws, we were able to save a lot of time, and, not have to weaken the cross-section by drilling in all of the holes for epoxied in place rods.

So, saved time, effort, money, and, didn't create any additional damage / harm.

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