Friday, July 22, 2011

Cross Laminated Timber Seismic Testing by Marjan Popovski Ph.D., P.Eng with FPInnovations

Marjan Popvski said, "Full-scale testing of the seismic performance of two storey CLT house is currently underway at FPInnovations. The house was built using steel brackets, nails and screws. Details and results to come next year."

Log & Timber Connections is proud to have donated ASSY Structural Screws for some of the connections. We look forward to Dr. Popovski's results.


  1. Cross Laminated Timber or CLT is the green choice for schools, health care facilities, public buildings, commercial buildings, and multi-family housing because of it's cross-layered construction, reduced carbon footprint, and ready to assemble system.

  2. CLT have lots of benefits including strenght because they creates perfectly uniform strength properties like steel and concrete. They have low surface area doesn’t sustain a flame so fires burn themselves out and airtight construction lowers the fires’ oxygen supply, gas does not travel through the panel. The stability allows for precision building and new higher wood towers. Interesting!

  3. It is interesting how CLT is produced with three to seven layers of lumber or planks stacked on one another at right angles and are either glued together in a hydraulic or vacuum press over their entire surface area or nailed together. Because of CLT’s structural properties and dimensional stability the product is well suited to floors, walls and roofs used in mid-rise construction.